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The Bulgarian Association for Medicines Parallel Trade Development fully supports, with its actions and expressed positions, the protection of the interests of the Bulgarian patients for easy access to medicines at the best possible price. We have helped patients and patients' organizations with signals or concerns about access to medicines, and we have always tried to find solutions to problems and we will continue to do so as a fair and reliable partner.

Shortage of medicines is a pan-European problem that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) relates to the following main reasons: shortage of raw materials in the manufacturing of medicinal products, problems with compliance with good manufacturing practice, discontinuation of obsolete medicines or those with low profitability and only then with export between member states. The multifactorial nature of the causes is also confirmed by periodic reports of critical drug shortages in the United States, Serbia or Switzerland, where parallel distribution is not taking place.

Through our website, we maintain a hotline for missing medicines alerts across the whole country.

This is how we can recieve timely information and, together with other stakeholders and partners, we manage to solve patients' problems, because it is extremely important to be able to provide timely assistance. We know that the last thing the Bulgarian patient should be worried about is whether his/her prescribed therapy is available. Let us know, so we can help you.

Your data is not recorded on our website. Before you submit them, we will request your consent according to the GDPR requirements. You agree that you provide us with your data in search of a drug that is necessary for your therapy and needs our assistance in resolving the difficulty you have experienced. Our General Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Cookie's Policy are in your interest. Meet them.

Our reporting format is extremely convenient and does not require you to fill in your personal data but just a phone for feedback. Please fill in correctly the name of the medicine and the place where you cannot find it.

You can access it from the "Hot signal" button to the right of the page or from here.