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Benefits from parallel distribution

Parallel distribution creates savings:

  1. It provides original, high quality and safe medicines at a lower cost. These direct savings are a measurable relief of the cost burden carried by health insurance systems and patients.
  2. It provides both indirect savings for social health insurance systems and consumers by effectively curbing overall price increases in the pharmaceutical sector.
  3. It offers a European relief mechanism to funding deficits in national health care systems


Parallel distribution fosters competition:

  1. It provides the only form of competition for patented products, utilizing the price differences in different markets created by the original manufacturer himself.
  2. It accelerates the integration of the internal market and increases trade within the EU and EEA
  3. It helps regulators to avoid implementing more interventionist or market-distorting cost-containment measures
  4. It gives wholesalers, pharmacists and patients a real choice
  5. It can provide alternative supply sources in case of shortages

Parallel distribution builds growth:

  1. It has created thousands of new businesses and jobs in Europe, often in economically deprived regionsIt boosts the infrastructure development for production and distribution of pharmaceuticals in the countries of supply, as well as increasing their exportsIt generates additional tax revenues in Europe and increases the effectiveness of the internal market

Parallel imports’ benefits

Parallel import is the instrument by which every patient, pharmacy, healthcare facility, distributor or public insurance fund can feel the positive effect of the common European market and the competition it encourages to achieve wider access to more affordable medicines.

Parallel import means that a medicinal product for which the Bulgarian Drug Agency has already permitted a marketing authorization is imported into Bulgaria through wholesalers who are licensed to perform parallel import.

BestaMed is a licensed wholesaler and Marketing Authorization holder for parallel import. We are a Certified Partner that meets the requirements of Good Distributor Practice. We are an Organization with a Quality Management System certified by RINA under ISO 9001: 2015.

Parallel import has been introduced in Bulgaria since 2011 and started with 4 medicinal products. Up to date, thanks to the experience gained by the importers, among them leader is BestaMed, on the territory of Bulgaria 114 medicinal products are subject to parallel importation. The potential for development of parallel import in Bulgaria is huge to reaching its levels in Western European countries such as Germany, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, etc. is an achievable and real goal that the entire team of BestaMed is dedicated to.

Benefits for the patients and the health system

  1. Competitive lower prices for already established medicinal products
  2. Flexible conditions and competitive opportunities for retailers
  3. Additional guarantee of origin and safety of medicines
  4. Possibility of import of already registered medicinal products in case of production, regulatory and other types of shortages or deficiencies
  5. Possibility of import of de-registered medicinal products withdrawn from Bulgaria for non-pharmacological reasons (legal regulation is required)

Drugs and medical devices from parallel import have an additional guarantee of origin, quality and safety of the medicinal product


  • Parallel import drugs are original, high quality and safe, at a lower price, imported from countries of the European Economic Area.
  • Each parallel imported medicine is of guaranteed origin proven and verified not only by one but by two executive drug agencies - one in the country from which it is purchased and by BDA in Bulgaria which is issuing permission for this medicine after very strict verification procedure.


  • The presence of a sticker shows that very strict internal control of the supply chain has been applied, according to the requirements of Good Distribution Practice (GDP)
  • The sticker is a sign that the medicine is from a batch that is certified for Bulgaria by a GMP-licensed manufacturing company (GMP)
  • The label on the primary packaging of the product is a mandatory attribute according to the regulations in Bulgaria. It not only does not break the primary packaging but also prevents the medicine from mechanical damage to the integrity of the packaging

Protection from counterfeit medicines

  • The medicines verification regulations aim to protect patients from counterfeit products.

• Parallel distributors fulfill the requirements of serialization and verification of the authenticity of medicines, both in the country they import from and in Bulgaria.

  • The parallel importers in Bulgaria also checks the medicines package for its content during the repackaging process and sticker placement.

• This makes parallel import products in Bulgaria the drugs with the highest degree of protection against counterfeiting and consumer safety.