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BULGARIAN ASSOCIATION FOR MEDICINES PARALLEL TRADE DEVELOPMENT is an organization representing companies with a mission to ensure the access of Bulgarian patients to quality and effective medicinal products on time and in full volume.

In its actions BAMPTD is based on transparency and ethics and is guided by the public interest in full compliance with the legislative and regulatory framework.

BAMPTD is a partner of the legislative and executive governance to build and validate regulatory framework and infrastructure to protect the free market principles in the EU, protecting the competition principle and promoting good practices in the distribution of medicines.

BAMPTD is a proactive organization and is willing to give its expertise on the issues of quality, management and reforming the policy to provide the Bulgarian market with quality and effective medicines.

BAMPTD was established in November 2013 in Sofia.

Our members are also members of the European Association of Euro-pharmaceutical Companies (EAEPC), which is the European Commission's regulated partner advocating the idea of parallel drug trade in the EU. EAEPC brings together over 100 companies from 24 European Economic Area (EEA) Member States.

BAMPTD goals:

  1. To promotes and develop good practices and high quality standards in parallel distribution of medicines.
  2. To provide conditions for fast delivery of medicines at a lower price to Bulgarian patients.
  3. To work through the activities of his members to provide access to missing medicines on the Bulgarian market.
  4. To inform the patients and healthcare professionals about the benefits of parallel distribution of medicines.
  5. To generate savings on public and private funds for medicines.

BAMPTD online platform won the first prize in the Patient Project category in the second edition of the Healthcare Innovation and Good Practices competition, organized by Capital Weekly and the biopharmaceutical company Abbvie. 52 projects participated in the competition, with the best projects being honored during the Sixth Annual Conference on Innovation and Good Practices in the Health Sector. The award of BAMPTD CEO Boryana Marinkova and FBPF Chairman Ivan Dimitrov was presented by Prof. Assen Baltov - Director of the University National Emergency Hospital "Pirogov".

Bulgaria's first online signaling and search platform for medicines in short supply was evaluated by a jury of proven healthcare experts, led by Dr. Daniela Daritkova - Chairperson of the National Assembly's Health Committee. The members of the jury met on October 30 and voted in real time on a five-point system with criteria regarding the benefits for patients and how the practice improves or saves their lives. The projects that demonstrate the introduction of innovation or good practice, which has not been implemented in our country yet, were highly appreciated.

The innovation and good practice of BAMPTD platform consists in the organization of signal collection and patients' service. The alert form is extremely convenient and does not require patients to fill in personal data except a contact phone number, drug name and place of search.