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Diligent and kind in search of medicines

I would like to express my great THANK to Mrs. Boryana Marinkova. For responding immediately to the medicines I was looking for. She called me and informed me to where I can buy them. Dear, kind, I will listen to you and help you, UNCONDITIONALLY!

Be healthy!


You made the impossible possible!

Endless gratitude, Mrs. Marinkova !!

For  the professionalism, accessibility, for your commitment, for the expediency! In a very short time you provided me with information about an extremely important medicine, which I unsuccessfully sought in Greece, Turkey, through the manufacturer, organizations, etc. Because you made the impossible possible!

For BAMPTD cause - tribute!

Galina Todorova

Thank you for your empathy and assistance

Dear Mrs. Boryana Marinkova! Thank you for your empathy and assistance in finding the Nolvadex drug for me! I am grateful that you have made an effort to solve my problem, which is a rare occurrence in times of expanding clerical and human heartlessness!
I remain with best feelings for you and in the hope of your responsiveness when such a critical situation arises!

You all know that goodness is free, but you give it generously!

I heartily thank all those who stand behind this endeavor and personally Mrs. Marinkova, who has been helping me to get medicine for a few hours, which I have been seeking for two months! You all know that goodness is free, but you give it generously! We can only take an example! THANK YOU!

Tanya Popova

Your associations platform is extremely useful


I promised to inform you about the situation with the delivery of Nolvadex to Panagyurishte.

There was a shipment of the medicine to the pharmacy you told me about and it will be available on Monday.

Thank you personally and BAMPTD for your assistance!

Your association's platform is extremely useful and it is important for as many people as possible to understand that the parallel import of medicines for Bulgarian patients is very important.

I also very much hope that legislators will be aware of this and make the necessary changes to make it easier and faster to deliver important essential medicines to give more confidence and peace of mind to physicians, and patients, in their quest to choose this medicine, which they consider most effective.

Thanks again for your assistance.

Ilko Ivanov

Cordial gratitude!

The drug we were seeking in the town of Kyustendil was found in the pharmacy you have informed me about. Cordial gratitude!

Cordial thanks!

I took the medicines for which you gave us information. Once again cordial thanks! Have a successful day!

the good example and goodness itself lead to more and more goodness

I would like to thank cordially all your team for your courtesy and expedience. I am convinced that when one has lost all hope for something good to happen in our country, sparks appear for hope that not everything is lost. Although my problem was not vital (I'm sure there are people whose lives depend on finding a medicine), I was incredibly surprised by the speed and attitude I got from you. With all my heart I wish you to be very, very healthy! Please, continue to be kind and dedicated to what you do, because the good example and goodness itself lead to more and more goodness. And we definitely need and deserve this. Once again - great THANKS!

With your help I have found the medicine I needed

With your help I have found the medicine I needed. Thank you one thousand times! Be healthy! I will share with all my friends information about your platform!

You are very kind and helpful!

I have found the medicine I have been searching so long with the help of the information you gave me and the assistance you have provided me! You are very kind and helpful! Once again, thank you very much! Keep helping people!

Thank you very much

Thank you very much to the BAMPTD team for finding an important for me drug for Parkinson's disease. I've been taking the medication for about three years, and it's been stopped suddenly in the pharmacy network. I appreciate the work you are doing to help people in a similar situation and creating some sort of order in the chaos with the supply of medicines. I wish you success in your work to create security for patients on drug therapy.



The presence of BAMPTD fills a big information gap

I would like to express my thanks to the BAMPTD team for the manifested humanity, the quick and adequate assistance in finding a medicine for my chronically ill father! Their presence fills a big information gap with regard to the needs of patients in Bulgaria and I hope that, at least for the foreseeable future, the state institutions would take a follow up action, taking an example from BAMPTD.

With respect and thanks,


Thank you, dear people

Hello! I am writing to you in order to express my deep gratitude to your association and personally to Mrs. Marinkova for the "express" reaction and the timely resolution of my problem. Thank you, dear people, please, keep on helping! 

You are a "gemstone" among the dirt in which today's Bulgaria is overburdened! Cordially I wish you success in your noble mission! 

May God help you!

Kindest Regards,

Krasimira Kirilova

Thank you for theinstantaneous reaction

Thank you for the almost instantaneous reaction in search of my hypertension drug. You saved me from walking across all the pharmacies in Sofia. Continue to be ready to help and to help us ... Be healthy

Endless thanks

Endless thanks to the BAMPTD team for the extremely fast finding of the necessary but missing medicine! Once again, thank you endlessly!  Be healthy and continue to help us - the patients!

You are unique people! With good hearts!

Hi, for my son, we'll get 2 packs from the pharmacy, for which you gave us information that the drug is available. We thank you cordially! You are unique people! With good hearts! Rarely occurring in Bulgaria! We have no words to show the brilliance in the eyes of the child !!! ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for your help

I found the medicine on the information you have provided me. Thank you for your help. I wish you good health!

Your system is working successfully

Happy New Year!

Let it be healthy, happy and peaceful!

I want to let you know that your information system is working successfully.

I managed to find the medicine I was looking for using your information. Thank you very much. If necessary, I will contact you again. I wish you success in the New Year!


M. Bogoeva

Thanks for the speed and accuracy


I took the medicine and I am grateful to you and your team for the speed and accuracy you have shown.

I am impressed by the responsiveness and competence of pharmacists working at the pharmacy you have directed me to. I have received an answer to all the questions I am interested in and if the supplies are regular, I will be a loyal customer for other medicines as well.

Greetings and a smile on a rainy day!

P. Shikova

Thank you for your quick response

Hello Mrs. Marinkova,

Thank you for your quick response and the information you gave me about Rocaltrol.

Once again, I thank you and wish the success of the Bulgarian Association for the Development of Parallel Drug Trade.

With respect,


The March 8th sun

Happy 8th of March! Have health and cheerful mood!

Today my brother-in-law just brought me the medicine from the pharmacy you have indicated as surprisingly as the March 8th  sun, which is fighting the rain all day! Thank you very much for treating my issue. I hope things will get adjusted so I don't bother you again in time. Have a great day!

Sincerely, Nevena Georgieva