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Parallel distribution and safety

Parallel distribution is  uncontrovertibly safe. Even if their supplies cross EEA internal borders (which manufacturers often consider a 'complex' supply route), the supply chain of PD is resilient in terms of quality assurance as well as against the entry of falsified products into the legal supply chain. Several business routines make up this result: 

  • Parallel distributors are subject to the same regulatory requirements as manufacturers of branded or generic products and undergo regular controls by the competent national and European regulatory authorities.
  • Importers do not manufacture any medicines themselves, nor open the primary packaging.
  • Importers buy finished medicinal products from exporters who are well-established and authorised pharmaceutical wholesalers.
  • They do not deal directly with the consumers either, rather the parallel distributors’ customer is another licenced wholesaler, a registered pharmacy or a dispensing doctor.
  • All transactions are conducted through officially authorised and controlled trade channels.
  • A wholesale business or a pharmacist simply has one more source to purchase medicines from, which enhances the robustness of the medicines supply chain when manufacturers try to curtail supplies.

Parallel distributors can perform product recalls as quickly and effectively as any other participant in the medicines supply chain. Exporters and importers both apply internal supply chain controls including product verification and supplier verification and audit, and must meet stringent external regulatory checks to guarantee patient safety.

Parallel distributors are proud to be reliable, responsible and professional partners in the healthcare system. BAMPTD members follow a strict Code of Business Practice and apply Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Distribution Practices.