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How can the drug shortage problem be solved in our country?

The medicinal products' market in Bulgaria has one major problem and this is the drug shortage. Parallel imports can solve this problem. This is what Boryana Marinkova, Bulgarian Association for Medicines Parallel Trade Development in Bloomberg TV show "The World Is Business" hosted by Ivailo Lakov.

"When MAHs do deregister a drug, now the only possibility isr patients to find it abroad themselves, so no one is responsible for the imported products. Moreover, each country determines the prices it sells, and the parallel importers are very familiar with them."

327 medicines left the market in Bulgaria in 2017 with a total number of registered medicines of about 6 thousand, Marinkova said.

"None of these drugs has a problem with patient safety. This means that the official importer has expressed his unwillingness to import a medication because it does not perform well on the market. "

Marinkova noted that the shortage problem is valid not only for the Bulgarian market. She pointed out that there is already a working group at European level that is looking for its solution.

The guest explained that often shortcomings are due to production problems - a shortage or poor quality of a raw material.

"The scarcity of raw materials can not be caught up quickly because the production cycle, approval and registration regimes are extremely precise and time consuming. Thus, a lack leads to the spin of a spiral, which can cover many markets for a long time. "

Boryana Marinkova, Bulgarian Association for Medicines Parallel Trade Development , The World Is Business

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