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Acknowledgment from Capital Weeklys team to BAMPTD

Dear Mrs. Marinkova,
Dear Mr. Ivanov,
Let us express our gratitude for your support, your presence and your contribution to the National System of Verification of Medicines - a Guarantee for Your Security Forum, which took place on January 23, 2019 in Sofia Hotel Balkan. The event was attended by not only stakeholders, but also by institutions and serious journalists.
The conference was also the first official event attended by representatives of state institutions, as well as the Director-General of the European Organization for the Verification of Medicines (EMVO), Andreas Walter.
Thanks to your contribution, professional cooperation and partnership, our audience has had a great opportunity to get to know both the benefits of the National Verification System for our society and the challenges for regulators, industry, wholesalers, parallel distributors and pharmacists.
It was an honor and a pleasure for us to cooperate and believe in the success of our future projects.
Photos and presentations can be found at:
We stay with respect: 
Team Economedia
HealthPR team
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