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BAMPTD works in favor of patients, seeking real solutions and countering the myths about parallel distribution

BAMPTD participated in a working seminar with patients on "Parallel Distribution" in Pamporovo, organized by the Federationf Bulgarian Patient Forum. How parallel imports can provide deficiency drugs and what are the myths about parallel exports were the main topics that were discussed between the transplanted and dialysis patients and the executive director of BAMPTD Boryana Marinkova. She took note of BAMPTD's joint project with FBPF on online reporting for drug deficiency in the country, which was launched in June 2018. 399 are total drug alerts, with over 80% coming from patients and their relatives. Signals from doctors, pharmacists, NHIF, media are also served. The feedback time is 12 hours and the average time of 24 hours resolves the cause of the signal. In 62% of cases, the causes of drug shortages concern temporary or permanent discontinuation of medicines import and deregistered medicines, whose dossiers have been deleted from Bulgaria at the request of their primary importers. Parallel imports are a solution in this case if legal changes are introduced to regulate rapid parallel imports in temporary shortages and parallel imports of deregistered medicines without any drug safety concerns. The parallel import medicines have an additional guarantee of origin from the EU and with additional protection and allow the Bulgarian consumer to enjoy his European rights and access to Europe's 500 million market.

Parallel distribution is a legitimate activity that opposes the smuggling of medicines and performs its functions in the public interest. This is the only market mechanism that, through competition, maintains price fairness on the drug market, became clear in the discussion.

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